Anchor's website not working

Hi everyone.
A couple of hours ago, I entered ANC’s website ( and been seeing this since then

On safari browser in the white window it says : You are connected to an unsupported network. Please connect to the Terra Classic network.

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The same problem since this morning nor anchor nor mirror

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All: be aware of scammers.
I’ve contacted by See that the URL is with a capital I in the middle. This is made to take your money from you
This is a fake site!

Another scammer

Stay Safe

Guys, i can’t withdrawal my ust from anchor (
What i should to do? I got “classic” network

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me to
account number (4081889)

Select Terra Classic in the network tab of Terra Station to fix it.

Hello, I like to ask.
What will happen to the ANC crypto? I invested all my capital on May 25 to 0.35 and today I am already losing half of what I invested. Will it continue to drop or will it go up again at some point? Is it possible that it goes up to 0.40 or is the price of ANC going to 0? Greetings