Interface design

Latest update is really all over the place with UI design. The typography in particular breaks the established standard…as in, there are numerous cases where the established hierarchy and treatments are broken or otherwise compromised. Exactly similar elements now have different typographical treatment. It’s really confusing and unnecessary — just follow the established patterns. I’m happy to go into detail.

Also would be good to see the liquidation price again, seems to have been removed from the collateral list.

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3 different title treatments for module titles

Hey - thanks for the point out. We’ll get them addressed on the UI.

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I would like to propose a change of UI on Withdrawal Window which is misleading in numbers.
The withdrawal window didn’t shows the Tax fee, and only the Gas fee.
There during withdrawal most user will think there is only Gas fee, and the UI also show there is no other fee other than Gas fee of 0.25.

For example, when i try to withdrawal 200 UST, the interface will show, Tx fee 0.25, and i will received 199.75

In fact the amount i received is 198.648. This is so confusing. Cause i’m expecting to receive 199.75

After some study into the issue, then only i found out the technical part, and there is Tax fee as well which is 0.569% or cap at 1SDT.

I suggest to include this tax fee at the UI so that user clearly know what will be charged, and the expectation is aligned.

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One more thing I noticed, the timeline plot is a little out of bounds (13" MBP)

@ryanology045 the timeline plot is still out a bounds a bit. Just FYI

FYI the UI issue with the timeline plot is limited to the webapp on Brave (not Chrome).

It’s only out of bounds when there is no connected wallet to the webapp under the Earn tab.