Consider Making ANC Borrowing Rewards Easier To Find

Hey all,

I’m a pretty new user of the borrowing feature. And I just wanted to say that I had a pretty hard time finding where to claim my ANC borrowing rewards.

I was only able to figure it out by signing up for the forum, starting to create a new thread to ask, and then seeing that someone else had already asked the same question previously.

It may just be a me problem, but it doesn’t feel intuitive to look for borrowing rewards under a page titled ‘my pages’. I think it’d be much easier if the team just built a claim rewards button into the borrowing page.

Anyway, just a suggestion. Love the product. Keep up the good work.


no worry captain @pdx,
your feature improvement request is in list a to do list for next revamp ui
aye aye sir,
meanwhile you can wanchor with us in the doc(k)s

hope it helps