[Proposal] [UI] Change LTV Bar in Anchor Borrow + My Page to Utilization Bar


I think that the LTV Bar should instead be changed to a Utilization Bar like in some other lending platforms to give it a more accurate representation of the line’s of credit that are given to borrowers and change perception from “How much loan can I get from my value” to “How much of my credit am I using”. Especially since Anchor is not competitive in that space. Also value fluctuates far more than utilization does and utilization is important for borrowers to understand alongside liquidation.

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I like this idea, having several measures of reference for users is always great. I also believe we need more measures on the main page too, such as MoM collateral changes etc. We do probably need a refresh of the UI at some point soon. Struggling with front-end dev shortage of the industry though. Ideally something we can add to the other UI changes.


Is there a place for community coders / volunteers to assist with project development?

Not currently. Right now posting an idea like this you can then create a community spend poll to code something out if there is enough support. The current focus is to get cross-chain asap. Then I would like to see some more focus on a new governance contract that would make it easier to propose ideas and pass polls to use the community funds to build it.