How to Deposit? "Proceed" not functioning

Hi I’m hoping someone can explain why I cannot deposit into the “Earn”? Everything looks great as it states my deposit amount however “proceed” will not allow me to select it. Thanks for your help!

while I just tried it, the button only stayed greyed out when I didn’t enter an amount. As long as you enter an amount, the button should become clickable. Or try to click “Max: UST” to fill in the maximum amount and see if this changes anything.

Hi, thanks much for your response. I have been clicking on max and it then displays the funds but still cant get past that point. Proceed stays dark. Is there someone I can contact? Thanks again!

maybe try the discord, somebody might have had the same problem or someone can help you there. gl

I think i’m out of luck. No one can seem to help.

Hi there, please refrain from using the Anchor forum as a support channel. The Anchor forum was created to handle research-and-development-related discussions.

Instead, route your issues to Anchor Telegram or Discord. Closing this thread.