Graph of historical data on Anchor

Hi Guys,

Is there any source where I can find historical charts on the anchor deposit interest rates? I know the dashboard shows some history, but it only goes back a few days. Would love to see the graph of multiple months.


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same question, hope there has an API

Hi @wtzr,

We do not have historical data for deposit rates, but do have them for borrow rates.

Please see attached:

Hope this is helpful.


HI Fig,

Thanks for that. Is there also a possibility to query the historical exchange rate of UST / aUST on flipside crypto?

@wtzr good morning.

Please see this link for a visualization of the historical exchange rate of UST / aUST:

If you would like to run the query yourself you are also able to do so here:

Happy to help with any other data needs.

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HI Fig,

This is great. Exactly what I needed thanks for sharing and creating the query :slight_smile:

I think some more graphs would be great. For instance, the Anchor buyback rate over time.