Google Authenticator, 2FA or Authy

Hi everyone. After reading what some of us went through I got paranoid. Is google authenticator or authy possible to use along with Terra Station? Or 2FA access? How can we improve security?


I second this suggestion. Many of us don’t want to/can’t use Ledger Nano X (if this even supports securing Terra ecosystem accounts…). Trezor doesn’t support the Terra ecosystem yet–if ever (see: integration - Supported coins - Trezor Forum). Is it possible to integrate FIDO/FIDO2 WebAuthn? I know I’m not alone in feeling insecure keeping funds in a web wallet with just a password.


Two notes. 1. Ledger does support Terra (both the S and the X, link:
2. Absolutely love the idea of someone finally using 2FA/MFA in this space. Please add support for HW keys if possible.


2FA is indeed centralised. But what about a Decentralised 2FA thing :closed_lock_with_key: to keep it all secure on DeFi ? Some sort of decentralised id as in an NFT or something like that. Thoughts?