Need much more security checks on Terra Wallet and Anchor

Hi everyone, I am concerned that both Anchor and Terra Wallet do not let me add more security options when transactions and more important removing assets from the account are requested. I’d like to be able to add:
-email or text confirmation request
-google authenticator confirmation
-hardware key
to each asset removal request / sell transaction

should I add this as a proposal to govern or does anyone know if it’s already planned?

There’s probably never going to be 2FA on Anchor. 2FA is only possible to be offered on centralized services.

That being said there will probably be centralized ‘gateways’ into Anchor for example, Yotta Savings, that will have these types of security features.


oh okay its’ due to the decentralized nature, thank you.

Terra station has integration with Ledger if you want to use a hardware wallet.

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yep I am going to do this thanks