I'm making a mobil wallet

I’m making an mobil wallet for the terra ecosystem. Will use a framework with same codebase so that it will work on both android and iphones (and even deskop). There are three main thing that i will focus on to begin with 1. Basic funktions like i terra station. 2. Integrate anchor protocol (something like defisaver for makerdao 3. Support for VTS (Visa Token Service, i thougth it would be nice to be able to spin up a virtual visa card in the walllet. So… Any suggestions and ide’s are very welcome… ps. sorry my bad english, to many nights infront of the computer, time to get some sleep :slight_smile:

Dunno if it’s allowed to put my (terra1ky88gzugaxqty7umjgauj3ljeeq52aa4d53z6n) in here. Feel free to support me with any kind of token :slight_smile: will hire an artist for the UX as im not a designer myself :slight_smile:

But most important, hit me with as my crazy ides and functions you would like to see in a digital terra wallet :slight_smile:


Anchor has 100 million ANC tokens allocated to its Community Fund, used to fund developments/initiatives of the Anchor community. I would suggest applying for a community grant after raising community awareness on your project.


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Thanks for the tip. But doesn’t that require a deposit of 1000 $ANC?

Hi there fellow Swede. please contact us:)


We are happy to help out on the project. Can you drop me a Telegram dm to @ryanology045 ?

Hi, thanks for answer. I will contact you through telegram as soon as I get time,I just got a new apartment so i’m in the middle of moving, I’m also trying to get a new laptop for development etc so it might take me a day or two before i contact you.

/Best regards

Well, when something goes wrong everything seems to go wrong. Almost a year with Covid and othere personal problem, i was about to move but didnt get the apartment i was about to, damn epedemic, out of job and loosing apartment within 2 weeks. Been thinking about the Wallet and have some nice new idees, but have to put it on hold til i got everything else sorted out. Hope it’s still possible to get some support when i get back.

Anyway, i got this url:

If someone is offering a nice bid for it, i think i need to sell it, roof over my head is prio one atm. I really would like to keep it for the project in future but it is what it is.

/Best Regards

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Hey @KingNebuluz! We are currently working on a similar concept. How far along is the wallet? Might be nice to use the work you’ve already put in! Can you please shoot me a message on Telegram @DontAtMee? I hope everything worked out for you in the long run… Thanks so much!