Terra Station Wallet Error Message

Hello. I downloaded Terra Station app to my phone and linked it to Anchor protocol.Everything seems set up and functional but below where it says + add Token, there is a message stating:

Oops! Something went wrong.
You have encountered an error

I have not made any transactions yet as I want to be sure this is or is not an issue before sending crypto to the wallet. Does anyone know if this is an issue or what I can do to correct it.

Thanks for your advice.


it’s a scammer, don’t go to any links unless you are sure they are official.
i didn’t really get what you are trying to achieve - but you gotta have some funds in your wallet to pay the transaction fee (it also is needed to simulate the transaction, so you might get such errors if you have nothing in the wallet).
if you just want to test it out - send a couple of UST to your wallet first and try it out.


Thank you for the advice regarding the potential scammer. I did click on the link but it led nowhere.

I do understand I need funds to pay transaction fees but when I try to send funds to my wallet, it says my wallet address is invalid. I checked and it is my terra station address. I am also unable to add Terra to the network options on Osmosis, the Protocol of Cosmos.

Not sure what to do…


alright, mate, could you explain the context? where are you trying to send UST from (or is it LUNA)? from Keplr wallet? or which network options do you mean.
do you already have ust? on which chain?