Establish a German Community around Terra, Mirror, and Anchor

I want to establish a German Community around Terra, Mirror, and Anchor
Onboarding German Community Members
Its in the conception phase

I am the main driver of the project.
I have 3 years of experience in sales, in my last job I worked in a Software as a Service Start-Up that sold a product to businesses who hate using technology but need to. I know how to explain the use of tech to non-technical people.
I have my best friend as an advisor.
The proposal has immense potential, there is a lot of capital in Germany. I want to educate absolute Crypto Newcomers about the Blockchain and DeFi. So that they have one stop place on the internet where they find all the information in German that they need to get confident in DeFi.

Most of the germans do not invest their money at all, only a small fraction invests in stocks and bonds.
In a quiet old article from 2007 (Germans Wary of Stock Market | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 09.08.2007 ), I found some numbers. I think they are still realistic.
According to the article, only 6.7% of germans invest in the stock market.
About 44 percent of Germans put at least some of their savings in bonds and accounts with guaranteed returns, and 42 percent of Germans are not investing their money at all.
So Anchor is the perfect product for Germans.

I also want to drive participation in the community channels like Discord and Telegram. It is much more likely that germans join crypto for the first time when they have a community with other germans where they can ask their questions and get an answer in their native language.
I believe that the Terra, Mirror, and Anchor Ecosystem needs local communities in all languages. As soon as more local communities pop up I would like to cooperate with their leaders to write a best practice guide on how to grow Grow, Engage, Protect and Support our Members worldwide.

Breakdown of costs
In my first proposal for one month I only want to ask for the bare minimum I need to cover my monthly cost. I want to make sure that I demonstrate how I bring value to the ecosystem, after that the community can decide how much I should earn.

My monthly cost of living is the following

14.03.2021, Terraswap EUT UST LUNA MIR ANC
Rent 458,89 545,15 33,73 73,42 ?
Debt 250 296,99 18,37 40,00 ?
Healthincurance 210 249,48 15,43 33,60 ?
Food 250 296,99 18,37 40,00 ?
Transportation 85 100,98 6,25 13,60 ?
Phone 20 23,76 1,47 3,20 ?
Internet 50 59,40 3,67 8,00 ?
iCloud & Spotify 20 23,76 1,47 3,20 ?
Summary 1.343,89 1.596,51 98,77 215,00 ?

This is a long-time project. I want to stick to it for the next 2 years.
In this proposal, I am just asking for funding for the first month.

Public resources centered towards the general understanding of terra mirror and anchor.
Intro to topics (Mirror, Anchor, Terraswap, Governance )
Onboarding Tutorials & Guides

Adress and answer questions, comments, and concerns from the community

Internal impact
Small to Medium
I would like to participate in weekly meetings to ask for advice and feedback.

External Impact
I expect to find between 50 and 500 people in Germany during the first month who want to learn about the ecosystem.

Why I am doing this?

I want to quit my job and work full time for this community because we are changing the lives of millions potentially billions.

I feel that I belong to this community because I also know traditional finance and I hate it. I worked 4 days for a contractor of Deutsche Bank, on the last day of the first week on my way to the office I decided that I need to quit right now because I can’t sell loans for them. The situation was much worse than I thought. My father is a conservative stock investor and my best friend’s father managed the stock portfolio of a huge European Cooperation with 50.000 Employees before he became CEO there.
So me and my best friend kind of work together but he acts more like an advisor for me and I do the work.
We are onboarding our non-crypto friends already to mirror, thats why we explained it already a couple of times in private zoom calls with people we know. We know how big the potential of this project is and want to contribute.
I decided to bring this to the next level by becoming a team member and spending the next 2 years in this community before I want to start my own project (a decentralized elementary school).


I would love a german community.
If you need any help, let me know since I am already onboarding all my friends and family to Terra.