Anchor October AMA Community Ideas Summary

Hi Everyone - sorry this took so long to get up. But just wanted to get it out before the next upcoming community AMA.

The following is a summary of the main ideas that came out of the last Community AMA regarding community priorities and development roadmaps. This list is not exhaustive, however, it does try to pull the most frequently asked and relevant questions and ideas from the community as a whole. Going forward it is my hope that this is the start of better synchronizing community ideas and initiatives.

Also please note that there is a bit of overlap with the Short-term Enhancements post which shows a lot of the main short-term focuses being discussed right now by the community.

ANC Enhancement Models:

  • Explore models of increasing ANC gov staking rewards

→ Other parameters will be addressed first. Lower Priority right now - see short-term enhancements forum post

  • equire protocols to stake % of ANC token to use Anchor

→ Being explored

  • Higher earn rate for ANC staking (or some variation of Ce-fi saving models)

→ Being explored

  • Anchor webpage for requests of possible products/dapps/tools to be built with community approved bounty

→ Our direction is to enable other products/dapps/tool to utilize Anchor in their own applications enabling end-users to have little or no need to go directly to the Anchor webpage

→ We are increasingly reliant on open source contributions from our community. We currently accept PRs, and will be focusing more on ways to engage other developers participating.

→ Our focus is to implement DAO-controlled hosting mechanisms (possibly IPFS) to actually host sites. This will enable better scalability and reliability going forward

  • Self-repaying loan - automatically use ANC rewards that are accruing to either pay down the loan or be added to collateral (maybe as bANC)

→Other protocols like Apollo are working on building this.

New Borrowing Features:

  • bSOL

→Is in the audit queue

  • bANC

→on the roadmap

  • bATOM

→Being worked on by a third party

  • bOSMO and other community bAsset proposals

→ Up to the community to submit proposals

  • UI simplification v1: 1 click bonding/borrow (batching gas fees)

→ Dev resources are focused on other builds and roadmap items.

  • UI simplification v2: figuring out cross-chain 1 click solutions to ETH, SOL et

→ Dev resources are focused on other builds and roadmap items.

  • Explore Marketing bounty budget targeted at borrow side

→ Not a focus.

  • Liquidation protection

→Other protocols are building this, Nexus, etc.

  • Integrating borrowing credit cards for real-world spending

→ Needs more exploration from the community

  • Ability to swap collateral types

→ Not a focus now, complicated build and risk parameters

Other Platform Focuses

  • Utilizing LINK for price updates.

→ The focus is to provide better core platform stability

  • Making it easier to host Anchor on other webapps, protocols, applications
  • Better ways to ‘reward-share’ with webapps/protocols/applications

The first AMA had a lot of ground to cover since it had never been done before. I think it mobilized the community to share lots of ideas that had built up over time. Going forward it is my hope the monthly Anchor AMAs will stimulate more community idea cross-pollination in a more focused, informed, and balanced way as we look to do these every two weeks.

Please don’t miss the next upcoming AMA:

1/ The second Anchor Community Call AMA is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7th at 5:00 PM PST, translating to the following times:

Tuesday, December 7th at 8:00 PM EST
Wednesday, December 8th at 10:00 AM KST
Wednesday, December 8th at 1:00 AM UTC

— Anchor Protocol (@anchor_protocol) December 2, 2021

2/ Twitter Spaces link for the call:

— Anchor Protocol (@anchor_protocol) December 2, 2021
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