Oct 28: Community AMA with the Anchor team - post your questions here!

Hello everyone,

As discussed in @bitn8’s thread Governance calls with TFL, I’ve been in touch with Anchor’s core team members to plan the details.

Happy to announce that we’ve now scheduled an Anchor team & community call for later this month. The objective is to exchange ideas and concerns that are top of mind both for the community and the Anchor dev team, in order to stimulate progress and make Anchor successful. If the call proves useful, we’d like to make it (or a variant of it) a regular occurrence.

When: 28 Oct, 22:00 UTC / 18:00 EDT / 07:00 (29 Oct) KST
Where: Twitter Spaces hosted by @anchor_protocol
Joining from the Anchor team: Matt Cantieri @mcantieri (general manager), Ian @PFC (CTO) and Ryan Park @ryanology045 (co-creator).

Agenda for the call:

  1. The Anchor team updates the community on the next milestones, current challenges and what opportunities there are for the community to make an impact and get rewarded.
  2. The team addresses the main questions from the community and the ideas in response to calls. Questions are gathered ahead of the call in this thread (more below).

What’s happening before the call:

  1. Based on my discussion with @mcantieri, there are several issues top of mind, and we’d like to invite the community to suggest solutions ahead of time, to be discussed in the call. Each of these issues has its own thread, please click through to review and contribute your ideas:
  1. The team is ready to answer any questions from the community. We’ll use this thread to gather the questions - please post them below!

Notes on questions:

  • Please do not post duplicate questions, instead leave likes on questions already asked. We’ll start by addressing questions that got the highest number of likes.
  • The questions should be more about the future strategic direction of Anchor, the opportunities and threats - not the basics of how Anchor works. For that, you can refer to the FAQ in Anchor’s telegram chat.

Hope everything makes sense! Please leave your questions to the team below.



Some questions on UST and thoughts on growing borrowing demand that could power Anchor yields.

  1. What are your main value propositions when making tradFi comfortable with algo stables? How did you make huge Korean companies comfortable with algo stables via chai?
  2. Can we, as a community, have a doc for counterarguments for UST? How does terra defend UST value prop against naysayers of algo stables/ undercollateralized stable?
  3. Can anchor have two pools where the insured pool has a relatively lower apy but is automatically insured against smart contract and peg risks? (Better UX & faster onboarding)
  4. What programs/configurations do you have for fintech/neobanks?
  5. Yield sustainability: the majority of yields are coming from staking rewards, how do we stimulate borrowing demand to keep staking rewards consistently flowing? (
    1. Long bAsset - short perps: a market-neutral position that captures the staking rewards which could flow to anchor depositors (cc: mars protocol, a 1-click market neutral position where a portion of staking rewards is shared to the depositor and to the user who opened the position.)
      1. Why would they do it on mars when they can do it on cex? - not a lot of users know or can execute this, UX, execution, management, and initial incentives via mars tokens. Token rewards should not be the only value prop/incentive otherwise mars token would be inflationary.
      2. Models on return profile and whether there are more attractive opportunities for anyone who wants to engage in doing so.

(If anyone has collated arguments for and against UST, please link them here as well)

Thank you

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Good thoughts! Just wanted to comment that 1 and 2 are perhaps more relevant to the Terra chain and UST themselves, not specifically Anchor Protocol, and as such are probably out of scope for our AMA. They are valid questions, but if you want to discuss those, perhaps the main Terra forum is the best place.

  1. IMO this is a big opportunity for fintech apps, if they can set up automatic insurance. This is what I’m planning to do with Stablegains once Ozone is out!

  2. Could you give an example of what you mean by programs/configurations?

  3. I encourage you to visit the dedicated thread for this question.

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Question for the AMA:

It’s evident that across the two Call for ideas threads (see OP), the community has generated lots of interesting suggestions.

Shifting focus to prioritization and implementation - what are the action items from this point, and how can the community be the most helpful getting things done?

Question for the AMA:

Are there any plans to onboard big exchanges like Kraken or Coinbase with native support for UST?

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Hi there!

Knowing that the 20% APY in the UST earn isn’t sustainable very long term. What is your % goal ultimately?

Thanks a lot! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for anchor!

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Going forward, where do you see challenges and where the best unexplored opportunities?

How big is a team now? What additional role would you most like to add?

Adding yield tokens to collateral - what can be done to speed up the process to broaden the range (not just within cosmos ecosystem like bATOM/bDVPN/dOsmo etc but also other ecosystems)? Do you need validators for liquid staking for that?

Anchor is global. Do you see interest from all the globe? Or is there any region that stands out?

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Question for AMA:

Are their plans for the future to add other currencies like EUT (EUR) to the deposit side of Anchor?

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Thanks for all the questions! In the interest of keeping the AMA focused on Anchor, I wanted to give a heads up that we might not have time to address ones that are about solely Terra/UST. Consider asking these questions on the main Terra forum.

Hi Anchor team,

Could you please check the questions asked in the Liquidation Queue proposal?