[Anchor Community] [Fluff] We're On A Good Path

Hi guys,

Originally I wanted to make this a post gathering previous forum data for improving Anchor tokenomics and just overall competativeness. But execution is the hardest part and my God did we execute as a community exceptionally well.

If we are analysing real-time data Anchor is right now in an excellent position:

400M+ $USD in the Yield Reserve, regardless of origin this is a power most nations would kill to leverage.

ANC @ $5.82 at time of post!!! Someone elaborate how we got here please but an incredible accomplishment.

Borrow rates of +8.8% at time of post!!! There is nothing better in all of De-Fi in terms of securitized risk! We don’t need to do much more to attract borrowers.

Best collateral performance in last 3 months (bLuna). Maybe we should be sucking Danny boy’s D**k cause bitcoins what? -50% from that timeframe.

Everyone holding any ANC, give yourself a pat on the back, long traders as well, etc. This was a historic moment for Luna, Anchor, and the community at large. We have proven decentralized governance is a threat to governments around the world and should be proud of it.

Any Forum dweller will have realised our potential and honestly we are worthy of it. A few simple passed and rejected proposals have lead us to where we are today and we should celebrate AND learn from it!

So with that being said let’s run down whats important:

  1. PARTICIPATION IS KEY, personally, I think we should focus on governance participation as the forefront of Anchor, perhaps something to brand itself on. With that I would like to reccomend this proposal here:


@bitn8 had done a fantastic job on the proposal and let’s get more community eyes on it. This should be next-in-line to be voted through. Developers are well on their way with this sort of model and we should respect their work. The bluna upgrade on-chain proposal hasn’t been implemented yet (ref here:
Anchor ) And for good reason. I believe an on-chain proposal should be passed for v2 + bluna upgrade mod. The two would coincide for a perfect execution of cross-chain Anchor.

For those in the know or not in the know, once Thorchain is live with terra integration, UST can be natively swapped for native BTC with low slippage, that makes Anchor the most competetive trad.fi lender. There is no other such protocol with elegeance like it, DYOR but you could make millions off thousands with that knowledge alone.

For this reasons I believe we should pass Anchor v2 Borrow Model - #51 as an official on-chain poll and just idle and see the compounding results.

I also believe Anchor v3 Proposal - #13 by atebites should have a second look versus the polychain ANC proposal here: [Proposal] Polychain Capital & Arca Anchor Tokenomics Governance Proposal - #17 by 4lex_4sh4w and we as a community should argue against the two. They are both excellent proposals which could decide the future of Anchor Protocol as a whole.


Lot of good news, nice to hear!

There news about when Anchor V2 implemented and adding more collateral types?

I ask because a tsunami of Anchor deposit accounts are not on the horizon, they’re well in view and already causing the tides in the harbor to react!!!

The following is not a promotion of Kash or Outlet Finance, and I am unaffiliated with either nor a customer/user of either. Just informative to illustrate what I mean by a tsunami off accounts. These operate on Terra and UST.

Kash launched USD accounts today to a limited user base to start: Intellabridge Technology Corporation Launches Kash USD Accounts in the United States
“The Kash product features DeFi interest-bearing savings accounts, stablecoin checking, fiat-crypto on-ramps, synthetic stock, ETF and commodity investing, and other DeFi banking services, with plans to offer debit cards, virtual cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay in a growing number of markets globally.”

and Outlet Finance launched their Debit card product in the USA today as well, starting with select members and then general public in a month:

So like, where V2 and them ideas/proposals to vote on saving yield reserve or we expecting LFG absorb it all?

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