Anchor and TFL Team Members (Forum Alias Tags)

Is it possible for the Anchor team / TFL members or community moderators to have their position (or job title) displayed in here so all users can see who on the team is in here proposing and suggesting ideas?

Ideally all proposals such be vetted and submitted by a trusted member before they go to community vote.

It may also help steer some of the proposals to consensus. At the moment this place seems like a ship sailing out at sea without a rudder.


Well, I just want to be clear that the community vote and consensus is what drives this forward.

I do agree that having active members from Anchor’s core team here is key and is actually why I joined. I was hoping I was doing a better job of doing that. I have taken your suggestion and added my Anchor status as a title.


@narco - this is a great idea, particularly for those new to the Anchor forum.

It seems like a quick lift that could drive value to the community, increasing the efficacy of these discussions and posts.

I would argue that the value is not in consensus - but instead in transparency. It is important to know who is supporting each proposal and why.

Is anyone aware of the feasibility of this Tag? It seems to be a manual add by Tier 3 members or Admins.

Also, I just noticed @bitn8’s tag - is that new :wink:?


Agreed and in line with what I am trying to do here!

Yeah, you have to be an admin to do it. But as an admin, I think manually set it for those who are not.

Ineed, inspired by @narco78