[Proposal] Vote No on Poll 14 and Yes to Poll 15

I don’t have the spare anchor to put this on app governance but basically this would be to veto poll 14 entirely as it is damaging to the protcol and community.

If the supporters of poll 14 want a fair vote they should re-work their proposal to ban leveraged use of aUST and use the Anchor V3 Proposal forum post and the Anchor V2 Borrow Model forum post for reference when building their proposal

I would rather community veto the poll than have larger stakeholders exercise voting rights to veto like with Poll 10.


Otherwise please just vote no to Poll 14, and vote yes on Poll 15, thank you. If you have the 1000 ANC to make a proposal just make one that says “vote no to poll 14 “Disable MIM Degenbox” and dont vote on this poll”.


I agree that poll 14 probably needs closing down to allow for 15 to successfully go through.

It speaks volumes that there is over half a million ANC tokens voting yes to such a poorly drafted proposal. People are extremely unhappy with the degenbox situation.

Once poll 15 is completed, this is something that needs revisiting.

My proposal would be for a full and thorough investigation of the degenbox situation. How it came about, including what was TFL’s intent and involvement in it and how we prevent future buildup of systemic risk. On chain analytics absolutely required.