ANC UST staking with Astroport

Hi Folks,
I’m trying to figure this new Astroport interface out and how to move my existing staked ANC UST LPs.
Here is what I think I know so far. Any confirmations or corrections would be appreciated.

For my previous/old/existing ANC-UST staked LP’s on anchorprotocol I had to

  1. unstake the LP’s
  2. withdrawal (liquidate) the LP’s

Then I went to Astroport ( and created new ANC-UST LPs.

Finally, I came back to anchorprotocol and staked these new LP’s created on Astroport.

Does that sound right?
I was expecting to both create and stake the LP’s on Astroport but could only see how to create the LP’s.


This part is correct. However, you could just stake on the Astroport app and get both the Astro and anchor rewards there - no need to come back to stake on Anchor.

For anyone else: Staked ANC-UST LP disappeared - #4 by bitn8

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Thanks bitn8,

What’s confusing to me is that on anchorprotocol, this was always a 2-step process in the past…1) create the LP and 2) stake the LP.

On Astroport I see step how to 1) create the LP, but I see no method 2) to stake it. (No “stake” button or options). Is my LP automatically staked at the point of LP creation on Astroport?

Secondly, there is no indication that the LP is staked, no feedback on APR%, and no feedback on rewards. This led me to believe that I had to go back to ANC for staking, etc
Do you have any points on how to access this info?

Lastly, this process on Valkryie was way different. A user can stay in the Valkyrie environment, unstake their existing LP, liquidate and then recreate the LP and re-stake. This also led me to believe that maybe staking was still done at anchorprotocol.

Thanks for the help!


This was my exact experience. I went and restaked it via anchor and then it wasn’t showing up on apeboard. I can’t for the life of my find where to stake it in Astroport. Are we looking for a generator? Can’t find that either

Yep, I agree. The other thing that makes me think we need to restake our ANC-UST LP’s created in Astroport back to anchorprotocol is that I tested this by

  1. staking LP
  2. claiming rewards
    and if I look at this transaction for claiming reqards in my history, I see the rewards included ASTRO as well as ANC.


Got the same ANC-ASTRO claim reward screen

Im guessing apeboard had the old smart contract so that was fine until we swapped into the new one.

Correct Apeboard is still probably pulling the old contract address.


I don’t understand.

I’ve don the same (liquidate my LPs) and now I don’t know what to do.

Do I have to create LP on Astro and go back to Anchor?

What is about the Astro Rewards?

you can go to astroport and recreate the to LP and farm it there.

Hi bitn8
I think the gap in understanding is farming on Astroport.
The interface on Astroport clearly shows how to create an LP, but there is no option/button/selection/information on staking/farming. You see no APRs, you see no rewards, and there is no “stake” option like on other Terra projects…(Anchor, Mirror, Valkryie, StarTerra, Loop, …)

Yeah I agree it isn’t as clear as others. I think there will probably be a video by a community member soon on this and hopefully, astro will add the APY and easier farming options.

Thanks! Just for everyone’s knowledge.
I was able to create ANC-UST LP’s on Astroport and then come back to Anchor and stake them. I am receiving rewards. I did a test redemption of rewards and see some Astro rewards as well…looks like Anchor’s UI is just not showing it.

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How did you see if you were getting rewards? Do you have a link for this? I have entered the lockdrop on phase 1 and I don’t know whether I am accumulating ANC + ASTRO rewards.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You are accumulating rewards. I’m not sure when astro will roll out the UI that shows how much.

If you staking the LP on the Anchor webapp you and see how much ASTRO ANC are claimable.