Suggestion for LP staking

I imagine there is some technical reason that re-staking (compounding) into an LP requires three steps? Why isn’t it possible to just auto-select to reinvest earnings at predetermined intervals, or at least with a single click vs. having to claim, add liquidity, then stake?

I find it to be highly annoying to have to go through these 3 steps every day or two, and have to enter your pw three times in a row. What am I missing here?

So far, finding both mirror and anchor to be quite slick though…nice work!


Plus there’s the fees ; )

Yea auto-compound would be great. We have it for Anc-Stake so why not I guess

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Thanks for creating this post @arbunderpar , I joined the forum for this very reason. I would greatly appreciate an auto compounding function if we can make this happen. I think an auto claim function can work by allowing you to set how many auto stakes per day, week, or simply use a time scale such as every X hours. With lower investment values it would be best to auto claim less frequently. but with higher investment values it would be great to auto claim more frequently. It shouldn’t be too difficult to create a macro that performs the claim and stake function. I’m certainly willing to pay the .50 UST for each re-stake that it currently costs now.
Just some thoughts, thanks for this platform guys. I love what you’re doing with the place. Maybe put a plant over in the corner we can talk to lol.


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Thanks for the Suggestion. I don’t think would be in Anchor’s best interest, nor yours, and here’s why:

A certain amount of ANC is rewarded to the entire group of LP stakers on a fixed schedule, but the total amount rewarded (i.e., the sum of everyone’s rewards) doesn’t change when more or less LP is staked. So, manually compounding your stake (while others don’t) may increase your slice of the pie, but it doesn’t increase the total size of the pie. Therefore, automated compounding for everyone wouldn’t make any difference to rewards, but would add a lot of unnecessary complexity to the staking mechanism.

You can see in the Smart Contract that the Distribution Schedule started with 50M tokens (and start/end block) and is now at 44M tokens. That, or the block numbers, should give you an idea of how long rewards will be distributed for (1-2 years?).