Suggestion: Auto-stake claimed ANC rewards by default

Claim and stake ANC borrow incentives automatically. Or alternatively, create a clickbox option when borrowing UST to autostake ANC rewards.

This seems like a miniscule change but human nature gravitates towards the path of least friction. Instead of requiring an extra transaction to stake ANC, the default state would be reversed. Each participant earning ANC borrow incentives would then need to actively decide against governance staking (thus against earning further staking rewards). There is ample evidence on human decision making to conclude that most users will choose to keep their ANC rewards staked in this scenario.

I believe this small change, combined with the recent proposal to enable liquid governance staking, if implemented (see “Suggestion: Short-term Enhancements for Anchor Protocol”) would reduce ANC sell pressure and lock more ANC in governance.


Yeah, definitely something that can be looked into. Although staked ANC is a different mechanism than borrowing rewards ANC. As the community explores more ways to lower token emissions and velocity, perhaps this is something that can be explored in that conversation.

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Where is that conversation at the moment? Thanks in advance.

So far I haven’t seen a lot of community demand for this option so it doesn’t seem like a priority at the moment.

This could be solved by adding a Claim and Stake button to the UI, create a transaction with Claim followed by Stake for the amount returned on Claim, should be doable no? The only risk here is potential dust being left on the wallet, but wouldn’t bother me to much.

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