Status of Anchor relaunch?

Hello Anchor community,
I wanted to inquire about the relaunch of Anchor and wondering whether the relaunch will incorporate risk mitigation based on lessons learned from the past such that Anchor can truly be a long-term success.

A few thoughts/questions that I had which I’m hoping the community can answer:

Will the new stablecoin be a Fiat (USD) backed stablecoin which earns a yield from its collateral that is say 10-year US treasuries?

In addition, wondering whether the thoughts below have been taken into consideration:

  1. Earners - Earners receive the yield from the 10-yr treasuries that collateralize the deposit amounts. Assume 3-5% yield as the current 10-yr treasury yield is around 3.8%.
  2. Borrowers - Borrowers with genuine needs to borrow money can borrow at a rate of say 8-10% dependent again on market conditions. Borrowers have to pay back over a specified period of time that can be determined by the community.
  3. Collateral providers - Not every borrower will have enough collateral to borrow for specific needs. The community of collateral providers can put up capital such as their own stablecoin or Luna. This serves as the collateral for borrowers to borrow against. In return, the collateral providers will earn ANC rewards both to incentivize the availability of collateral as well as a form of insurance against bad debt.

I’m sure there are risk mitigation steps that can be built in to prevent fraud and to write off bad debt.

I would love to hear from the community on the latest.


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This is an interesting point of view. Finally someone is taking into consideration the possibility to bridge the gap between crypto ad the real world. I would add an extra layer for those interested in some extra spicy. There are many good bonds out there that can provide a very good return on the investment. Let’s not stop at the 10 years treasury bond. If we can put together enough ANC we can start to vote on some of these ideas.

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This is a great idea. Any additional yield from other high quality USD-denominated bonds can be utilized to both overcollaterize the stablecoin for rainy days and buyback ANC so that ANC doesn’t become an inflationary token. I’m happy to put up some ANC if there are other folks who like this approach and we can get enough people excited about a robust long-term oriented Anchor protocol.

Where shall we advertise an initiative to revive ANC? We should start with something like Terra rebel. What do you think?
Let me know.

Why we should spent our time and investment both for ANC management. It’s they to secure our investment.

It’s probably got to be done with a new protocol. Since the Anchor team is missing and fled, I will never trust it even if taken over by community because who knows what backdoors the original team left behind that new programmers don’t catch and patch.

Core devs are assholes for just going MIA (missing in action), never forget that.
Anchor devs do not care about you. Otherwise they would be here active on these forums and active addressing the situation. They are not and have not at all since Terra ecosystem meltdown. Not one.

A new Anchor, new team, new approach, totally for it.

A completely new protocol started from scratch with transparency, accountability, and new approach which bridges crypto and the real world. Should interested folks get on a call and discuss? I’m totally down to host a call.

That would be great but quite difficult since we need a new development team.

I personally understand the situation but what are the AnC management doing for it’s natural revival.Else we are in the situation of 100% wastage our time and hard earned money. We need 5000 times claim of our investment due to creating such heart :heart: breaking situation