[Release] Lighthouse Defi Public Beta Out Now!

Hi folks, The Lightkeeper here! In keeping with the spirit of Web3, we pushed our Public Beta out today!

1 ) What is Lighthouse Defi?

Lighthouse Defi offers a straightforward and intuitive platform where users are incentivized to interact with decentralized financial marketplaces without any strings attached.

We have had a focus on providing an easy to use UI for users to have liquidations and savings all at their fingertips!

2 ) Will there be any unnecessary requirements?

Focusing on accessibility as much as possible, we have provided Users the ability to interact/liquidate at will with no fees attached. All you need is an internet connection and a Terra wallet!

To make this even easier, we have a gas optimization feature so users can save as much on gas as possible!

3 ) What other features do you guys have?

We also have made a focus on making the user experience more streamlined, so instead of having to open another tab/browser to simply withdraw more UST to fill your bids, we have direct access to Anchor Earn as well!

Feel free to ask any more questions as well!

Check out our Twitter here!

Check out Medium here!

Start-Up Guide Here!

Beta Access Here!

Thank you again to the overall Dev Community for pushing for a more accessible Web3.0 experience!