Reinventing Anchor - idea for the future of Stablecoins (AST)

I’m underwhelmed by the idea that MKR/DAI is the best stablecoin that crypto can come up with. Anchor protocol is best positioned for the safest non-ponzi stablecoin of the future. Here’s why:

Fundamentally, bAssets are incredible – pooling the staking yield of all the best chains, it becomes a true defacto anchor yield of all crypto staked coins.

Why not use bAsset yields collateralize a stablecoin reserve, and by lending bETH (or something), you are allowed to borrow pro rata against that reserve (50% overcollateralized). Hold bETH, earn fully collateralized AnchorStable (AST), at probably ~3% or so?

EXAMPLE: Jimmy holds 100 bETH. Jane holds 1,000 bAVAX. After one year, say they yielded ~4 ETH ($8k) and 50 AVAX ($2k). So Jimmy has a claim to 80% of the pool, and Jane to 20%. This means Jimmy can borrow up to ~$4,000 AST against the mixed bag pool of ETH and AVAX, and Jane can borrow up to $1k AST. It’s over collateralized, just like DAI, but against a basket of cryptos best staking coins. No death spirals, no over indexing. Distributed risk.

IT’s the best of DAI meets the best of ANC. Thoughts?