[Proposal] Change Earn APY depending on ANC stakings

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I thought it could be a good idea to make Tiers depending on your amount of ANC staked, like most of the Launchpads do, and let you reach to higher APY’s on Anchor Earn depending on your Tier.

For example, we could lower APY to 15% for non-stakers, and depending on the amount of ANC you stake, let you reach to 17% - 19% - 21%.

This way we could give more utility to ANC token, so price should raise, and lowering APY for non-stakers will make yield reserva more sustainable.

What do you think?

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There has been a lot of talk about this before. Please see these thread:

About apy stuff
spotted on official terra luna reddit , yeah , the share is split on dag fast finality evm with autocompouding minus fees

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No. Not yet. Agree in spirit, let Anchor V2, more collateral types, and LFG bailout/backup happen. ANC price at a low reserve hard after market wide crypto and stock loss, we survived that let the plans happen then I may vote yes, I wanna see. No for now.
Ffs LFG dropped hundreds millions/couple billions to save ANC APY for a while yet. These types of proposal right now are probably marketing make a headline splash turn out the vote. Nice to lockup ANC, the price going up anyway given the assets under management growth. Whatever vote however dont even wait for Anchor v2 and all which it addresses tegaeding past concerns and see even for a day how things go. We pass this and maybe a new thing comes up before implementing this vote? Stick with plans communicated and community already behind first.
Nope not even a day of Anc V2 data, let’s fret now and change plans already implemented that are unstoppable havent even seen their effects. This crazy dumb putting ANC integral changes to vote NOW when orher integral protocol changes passed and ARE HAPPENING. Wait a couple months, things already changing, dayum.
Projects went live days ago with UST debit cards to the general public etc, they are depending on Anchor stable APY, and people wanna change that NOW!? When this is a new thing in the world, ever? Change it on businesses and customers NOW after just a few days!? Crazy. Let them work with it let main stream have it, for a bit. Then change it if we gotta change it with a couple months notice.
Anchor community could instead maybe use community funds ro make a profit. LP pools, reserves, something, and have that profit shore up depositors’ APY shortterm. Point is, Anchor 20% stable return has always been the sell now barely a bite in the public gonna back out of that? Tgat 20% for a year of degens only? We do that I unstake and sell my ANC, we BARELY touched the public yet folks, but we touched, dont pull back think instead how Anchor can utilize anchir’s community funds for public interest rate and accounts cause that it what it is here for. That’ll drive ANC up, hard for long time. If succeed. Again real life application to real life people uses JUST started to many never heard if anchor terra ust or open a wallet, they connecting bank account to a service. Isnt that part of the point? That JUST barely started. Btw some of these debit card/saving services will be offerring loans, at the lowest rates ever that sometimes pay user back. From this Anchor might just be seeing an influx of loans from, say outlet finance’s wallets, that help what? - oh yeah borrower APY. Regular person take out a 300 dollar loan for rent, bills, car repair, groceries get a 1% or some such paid back per month instead of 5% to 30% payment increase ? Crazy, public be all over it having a loan with 0 to negative apr. or even 5 % and less depending on the cut the public service takes and ANC borrow incentives in the background. That will be a lot of borrowers mainstream.
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@Will.smith i feel you , thank .