[Proposal] Additional 0.05-2% Anchor Earn interest to ANC hodlers

ANC token currently has high sell pressure and lacks a “no-brainer” reason to hold.

One obvious solution is to give ANC holders better Anchor earn APY.

However, Anchor Protocol works because the savings mechanism is simple - you deposit UST, you earn ~20%. We cannot change this value proposition.

Instead, how about introducing ADDITIONAL tiered APY above this ~20% to ANC holders.

Something like:

Staking 1000 - 2000 ANC tokens = +0.05% APY on UST deposited in anchor earn
Staking 2001 - 4,000 ANC tokens = +1% APY on UST

This way, everyone gets attractive yields regardless of whether they use anchor.protocol or the API, but ANC holders get benefits too.


Yes I like the idea but is .05% and 1% enough to entice borrowers? I think not.

Also - another incentive to hold ANC is to give borrowers better interest rates.

I would recommend even more of a differential… Give better rates to those who participate more in the ecosystem (holders, stakers, bonders).

This should be magnified (boosted) for ANC holders/stakers.

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