Poll timing vs crisis

I apologize if this is a naive question/comment but both Terra and anchor polls have to wait for 6 days to get approved? Isnt 6 days way to much in a crisis like this? Can they not act outside the poll system as they have done in other opportunities?

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Where to vote about Proposal 1164 – Terra Station

Does anyone on Terra team read the messages here? May I call out for your attention please – Terra needs to add more clarity to Proposal 1164 and its impact, if any, to existing UST desposited on Anchor, in layman’s terms - many of your depositors are not as tech savvy or well versed as yourself and are having trouble parsing your words.

Key terms as simple as ‘community pool’ needs to be explained and clearly defined. Otherwise a typical depositor can easily interpret burning the UST in ‘community pool’ as burning the UST they have deposited on Anchor.

Lack of clarity = uncertainty => more FUD => more withdrawl from the UST deposit on Anchor and more selling => re-enforcing the down spiral already at play

So please, of the existing proposal or any updated plans, explain it in layman’s terms in an organized and coherent manner - instead of the bits and pieces scattered around in Tweets – and leave no ambiguity or room for mis-interpretation. Or you’d just feed into the FUD and cause more panic.

Not all your depositors or supporters read Tweets all day or can read your white papers well.

More clarity and certainty around UST pegging and your actions/plans alone, or any assurance you can bring at this point, will pull significant weight in easing the current stresses. After all, panics are psychologically driven.