NFT's to augment Anchor Borrow?

With more gaming opportunities building and Terra NFTs (and other platforms) growing in price floor, would there be a way to utilize NFT value on the borrow side of Anchor? There is talk of varios NFT projects providing staking yield. Could these yields be utilized by Anchor borrow? Assigning asset value could be tricky but floor price could be a place to start. Imagine utilizing stakable NFT’s that earn yield and placing them into Anchor borrow, taking a loan and purchasing more NFTs or other assets. This might work better if NFTs could be fractionalized so that a liquidation would only involve partial loss. If feasible, could this help bolster Anchor Borrow? Just some early morning thoughts…

I have been researching this heavily. NFT infra on Terra with deep liquidity isn’t quite there yet. On ETH, things like floorDAO, NFTx, JPEG etc have been showing strong use case examples there for high-value NFT that certain floor prices can be built from. Would be great to see what others have found as well.

I think NFT borrowing on Anchor is a must, it’s just a matter of when.

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