[ Proposal ] add new tokens to borrow side

I will try to keep it short and simple:
Actually Anchor is intended for depositing yield bearing assets and borrow UST. in addition the UST deposited are lended out to borrowers for an interest.

I was thinking to new ways to improve anchor gains, so I came up with this Idea,

Anchor is a sort of bank and has custody of a lot of precious assets like bLuna, bEth and many more in the future, so why don’t we enable the possibility to borrow part of this underutilized tresaury against aUST ? ( for exampe 30% of the reserve)

We could open a new borrow tab where people can deposit aUST to borrow for example bLuna for an interest ( staking yield + 3%)

This will open a lot of new possibilities for borrowers for example:

  • Liquidity providing with borrowed assets
  • Arbitrage
  • Leveraged farming borrowing not only the stable coin but also the volatile one
  • shorting the asset

This for sure will increase the appetite for borrowing a lot, expecially during the bear market.

And if something goes wrong I’m sure that the liquidators would be more than happy to get aUST with a discount and buy back the borrowed asset.

Obviously this is not a very original Idea, It’s how AAVE and the other money markets works but in the terra ecosystem there is still a gap to fill, only EDGE PROTOCOL is offering the same possibility and as you can immagine it’s aUST pool went sold out in minutes.

glad to read your toughts.