New Earning System Question With LP

How are we still earning the amounts they describe if no rewards are given out? Before the 17th we were given rewards in the form of ANC. How are we getting the percentage that is described now?

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I dont even want to know.

I just want to play innocent get my tendies at wendies

I still have no rewards on my account for the LP since March 17th. Anyone else having this problem?

There is no more rewards being paid. Apparently this was all explained in a twitter thread some time ago.

How are they saying you are making the percentages noted on both govern and the LP side? Earn side makes total sense.

I also asked for the calculation mechanism in another thread, was simply referred to some twitter post. I think the inescapable conclusion is clear, and judging from the recent price action of ANC, it is clear others are in agreement what that conclusion is.

Earn - 90% Borrow revenue + Yield reserve top-up targeting 19.5%
Governance APR - 10% of protocol revenue (borrow revenue)
LPs - Now that incentives ended, just like any other LP, APR comes from fees