More utilities —> more value

Besides that the crypto market is down, we want to constantly aim to better existing systems to consistently provide value and to stay competitive.

We could contemplate about using the collected value via staking to generate more products and subsequent wealth over time. This could be done through trading in other assets or offers of other products, such as marketplaces for NFTs, music, employment platforms, education, social media, a rewarding system to encourage the use of ANC, brand boosting short term offers, and longterm offers. We can generate several markets in one place. The value will go up the more utilities are on offer. I am sure there are plenty of ideas out there. Give people the most attractive products (beautiful and easy to use design, utilities) to grow bigger with an eye on sustainability from the get go. Speak with investors and other crypto projects to get interesting deals for all sides.

Nothing stands in the way of good leadership and good deals :slightly_smiling_face::heart: