Better design // auto calculator of all financial possibilities, social media, ANC app, spirit boosting content creation

Wallets might be too discouraging for a lot of people. Better design and automatic calculations could help investors who are new to wallets and crypto. An ANC app for phones would be good. The app could include attractive offers, such as time specific deals during times where more money inflow is needed. ANC/TERRA needs content that lifts up the spirit of the ecosystem. Keep people engaged with events and offers. Create a space for people to connect. TERRA chats (social media).


I think the longer term goal is for Anchor to purely be the engine with a basic interface a bit like Curve.

3rd parties are building apps around it (Alice/Kash) and I think ultimately everyone else will end up using yield aggregators like Convex (Apollo/Reactor?)

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The current system is way too messy and confusing. I understand that this sector is in development, however, a system has to be clear and clean to attract and retain customers. I see many missed opportunities.

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