Mistake in transfer


I wanted to tell you that yesterday when trying to transfer UST from Terra to BSC, I made a mistake that I don’t know if it can be claimed somewhere.

I initially set out to send $1.5 from my Terra wallet to BSC to test it out, this worked fine with $1 commission. To see it in Metamask I prepared to import the UST token contract and added it to Metamask, seeing it without any problem, the operation had been done correctly. Then I was ready to send 601 $ but I did not realize right, I had copied was the token reference and I put it as the delivery address instead of mine from Metamask, the operation was completed but the money was sent to the address of the token itself. I don’t understand how protocol let me do it, how I can claim it, if it is possible?

If its send to the address of the token, where is that money?

Is there an email or channel where I can comment on what happened and have them tell me something about it?

I await your answers, thank you very much in advance.

All the best

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This is more common than you think. Binance has threads warning against doing this. I’m doubtful you can get it back, but the slight luck is that Binance chain is short of centralized but there are going to be many scammers every step of the way with phishing sights, redirects, and seed phrase asks.

I would do some research and see what others who have done this same exact thing have done.


Hello again,

Firts, say to you many thanks for your answer

The operation was made it with terra brigde and never go to BSC because the destination adress was UST token, it was my mistake

I should apreciate a lot if you can rewiew the operation and do something to get back this money, also something to prevent that happen to other peple

The receiver of money was the adress token UST

I´ll be waiting your answers,

Thank you very much for your your support and your help

Best regards

Hello @FELIXIN still having that issue ?

Hello, thank you very much for answering.

The transaction has not been returned to my wallet. Could you tell me where I can contact someone who can help me in this regard? I also sent emails to general@terra.money, but no one has replied directly.

Thank you very much


Nobody can help me with this issue?

I should appreciate a lot if someone tell me how to do it o how to reclaim this money

Thank you very much


Have you tried on the Anchor Protocol Discord channel?

A lot of helpful people out there and you will get faster answers (although you may not like the answers)


Discord is generally the best place for things like this.

However, sadly to say there is nothing that can be done about this mistake.