Impossible to convert bAssets


I was trying to send my bETH to Ethereum network, but the page for converting bETH to/from webETH is not working. It is just giving a blanc page with a lot of errors in the console.

Is there any workaround for converting bAssets?

Thank you in advance

Error details:
react-dom.production.min.js:216 Error: [big.js] Invalid number
at parse$5 (big.mjs:139:11)

big.mjs:139 Uncaught Error: [big.js] Invalid number
at parse$5 (big.mjs:139:11)

query.js:356 HiveFetchError: 0 [vestingAccount]: request failed (WasmContractsContractAddressStore): Get “{“vesting_account”%3A{“address”%3A"%22%7D%7D”: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = anchor_token::vesting::VestingInfo not found: contract query failed
at fetch.ts:33:17
at async hiveFetch (client.ts:56:19)

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I also am having this exact issue
on the blank page i receive this

How do we fix it? I need to convert my bEth to wheth to bridge back to eth

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this dude sounds like a scammer. careful

He is a scammer. Just took up a new name.