Wormhole bridge not working?

I have webETH (from bETH), and wanted to use the wormhole bridge to send over to ETH chain and convert to stETH. When I tried using the wormhole bridge I got this error:

“First argument must be a string, Buffer, ArrayBuffer, Array, or array-like object.”

Hence i am stuck with tokens on the terraClassic chain.
Is anyone aware of what kind of problem this is?
Is anyone aware of any other way of getting funds of the TerraClassic chain??

Any help would be massively appreciated!!!

I’m sure i am not the only one getting funds late, due to delays with un-staking.

Nothing wrong with wormhole. I have been getting this error message when using a ledger and chrome recently.
Ledger support is fckd up since the last terra station chrome extension update.
There is a solution.
You can sign your transactions using microsoft edge and the terra station extension for edge. You won’t get the error message anymore if you use edge.