How to rebuilding the LUNC

I think to make up for the Luna crash,

  1. A protocol should be developed so that Luna supports the *step-by-step ustc price. For example, if an austc falls from $1 and Luna goes above a schedule rather than increasing the quantity for unconditional defense, it should stop issuing and change the system to raise Luna even if the Tera falls above a schedule.

  2. System defense can collapse due to attacks by those who understand the structure. Therefore, it is necessary to update the staking system so that the lunc community solidarity can utilize unspecified funds (which cannot be calculated by attackers) that are difficult to identify for price defense on its own. For example, the lower the price, the higher the steak interest, and the lower the interest when it goes up. People are allowed to explode when attacks begin. In this case, transparency is guaranteed, but attackers cannot predict defense funds, increasing the probability of liquidation.
    And the interest paid here will be paid from the interest on the loan system and the increase in Lunatera and the amount of incineration.

I am technically incapable of this method and I hope that it will be discussed seriously in our community.
I believe that if Luna’s price goes up more than a schedule one day due to incineration, it will be linked to ustc, and the price will be restored again through momentary pumping, but I think we have to solve the problem of being equally exposed to the same attack. If we introduce the incineration system + the above-mentioned method, we will have the lunc and ustc ecosystem that best meets the purpose of coin development only with the power of the community. I always appreciate your efforts and sincerely wish you all the best for the future.

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