How to compensate, my idea

My English is not good, and the translation software I use

Before the attack is launched, the project party should first spend a lot of time to find out who is the attacker, so that the remaining people can be allocated more compensation.

Then pay compensation according to the time when UST transferred out of anchor.

For example:
10% compensation on May 9th.
25% compensation on May 10th.
35% compensation on May 11th.
40% compensation on May 12th.

Why step-by-step compensation? Because users who have been transferred out in advance with early warning have the lowest probability of loss. The later people turn out, the greater the loss, and the more they need help.

The remaining 60% can’t disappear, and the remaining compensation can be paid every month until it is fully paid.
Transfer out 30% on May 9th
Transfer out 40% on May 10th
Transfer out 50% on May 11th
Transfer out 60% on May 12th

This money is funded by the money earned by the project party and CEO DO KWON. Even if it takes many years. 20% of the project’s monthly profit will be used for this amount.

In addition, new tokens will be airdropped to UST holders, which will be issued according to the deposit amount and transfer-out time, with a lock-up period of at least one year. Whatever the future of the currency price, it can at least give people hope.

May 9th UST1
May 10th UST
May 11th UST1.5
May 12th UST

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This makes way more sense than Do’s proposal.