Git commit hash for various smart contract deployed in which users interact with

Hi community,

I would like to know how can I relate the specific smart contract revision to the ones deployed and being used by users. For example, on web UI at the bottom, we can see 20901fb which is the shorten git commit hash in which I can relate and check with Anchor-Protocol/anchor-web-app github project.

I would like to be able to do just that with smart contract for all functionalities provided on anchor protocol e.g. earn, borrow, pools, etc.

I do understand and realize viewing smart contract code on terra is not so easy and straight forward compared to ethereum-based one.

So how can I do just that for Anchor protocol’s smart contracts?

Smart contract can’t access the other network information except Oracle price, random variables by chainlink or other things(BAND protocol)

I don’t think what you mentioned is the answer I’m seeking.

I mean I would like to relate the deployed smart contract to the git revision, so it’s clear what source code is there for users to interact with. Thus I need some ways if there’re available to check just that. Just like the example I gave about web app.

I just would like to do my own due diligence, but I strongly believe security is all there. There was a case of wormhole attack in which devs patched the security hole for weeks, but didn’t have time to deploy. So it’s good to know which git revision corresponding to the version deployed on chain that users are currently interacting with.

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Just see the master branch. master branch is current deployed contract.

Yes, but are you certain that every commit made will be deployed? My apology to stress asking this. It can be the case that several commits made, but not deploy yet. It’d be great to get the confirmation from development team.

Thanks though.

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The contract version of Wormhole was also found through the github master branch, and it was found that the latest version was not applied. Even if the commit id of the latest contracts is displayed on the homepage, it is only obtained from github. so you can just see the master branch is best solution.

think you’re looking for this procedure


Thank you very much. This is it.
Quite elaborated and in need of effort to verify the contract code.

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