Experss my thoughts

My English is not good, please forgive me for my machine translation.
I think in the present situation, UST and LUNA can only guarantee one. Most users’ money is in UST, so UST should be guaranteed first.
How to protect UST? I think BTC should be taken hostage as the acceptance of UST first, so that the attacker should have scruples when smashing the dish, and stop bleeding first.
Then the team will announce the future development plan. Don’t tell all the contents of this plan, because this attack is probably because the attacker heard the plan of TERRA’s future development and felt a great threat, so he must never let TERRA’s ecology grow bigger before carrying out the attack. Don’t play cards with people winning numbers, or the consequences will be like this now!

UST should have been saved, not LUNA, but now it’s over. Irreversible damage.

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