Different bAsset Liquidation Prioritization Toggle + LTV levels based on Staking Yield

Brought this up on the Jan 6 AMA, and finally got onto the forum.

My wish-list has 2 parts dealing with the new bAssets being accepted as collateral on Anchor:

  1. Having a some kind of toggle or prioritization field to choose which bAsset you want to liquidate 1st, 2nd, etc. (which may also solve the problem of showing a clear liquidation price when 2 assets are posted)
  2. Adjusting the LTV% for each asset type based on its staking yields. For instance LUNA might have a 60% LTV, but ETH may only be 48% due to its significantly lower staking yield. SOL may be somewhere in between.

Bitn8 did mention he was thinking about both of these things, but wanted to put it up here to see if people had thoughts, comments, suggestions.


Having dynamic LTV according to the type of asset (and underlying volatility) is fascinating. I think it will add complexity to Anchor, however it could substantially reduce liquidation risk for users who choose to bond Ethereum over Luna.

i like the wishlist

this might be a pretty non-trvial smart contract change; i do not think this is achievable from a few web app tweaks. great idea though.

This is can be done now through a governance proposal; might be worth opening a formal proposal thread.

I think this is relevant but the focus, for now, would be to get more collateral types and then work out the fine details like this next. More coming on a new possible model for onboarding collateral faster soon.

Definitely thinks this can be worked on after the cross-chain work is done. This could ideally be combined into a flashloan liquidation projection build.

Solid, N8. I totally understand this being the priority. I’ve been on the front lines with @Cephii1 and @Shigeo808 trying to train on responsible and sustainable degen-ing, but we can’t groom them fast enough. Cross-chain especially with native assets will definitely help balance the scales before the well runs dry.

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