Raise LTV to 70-80%

So i want to kick off a discussion about potentially raising the Max LTV.

The obvious risks this creates are around liquidation incentives . But with strong bluna/luna liquidity i think a case could be made for a 10 - 20% liquidation incentive. bluna/luna lp pair is currently #2 in LTV on terraswap.

I think this would have a really interesting economic effect that would compound , no one will want to sell their bAsset , this will reduce the supply of the underlying asset , thus driving up the price , once the price 3 - 4xes a loan becomes more cost effective than selling when you factor taxes.

This could also make leveraged bAsset liquidity staking derivatives very attractive .

I brought up the idea of bMassets with Apollo , while not sustainable forever this could be a whole new use case for Anchor.


There’s also risks where if users arnt incentivized to repay loans , lenders could possibly become temporarily illiquid where there isnt enough UST to redeem the aUST , given the risk it’s probably best to be more conservative with any sort of increase.