Allow users to receive dynamic staking rewards based on borrowing capacity

Anchor can be the universal savings and staking protocol for users. The main wallet to deposit both your UST and any supported bAssets. If a user is not borrowing any of the staked assets, the staking rewards should pass to the user. However, if the user creates a borrowing position, he/she should have control over the LTV on the borrowed position, and Anchor can then collateralize the amount of bAssets to solve for that LTV and collect the staking rewards just for the pledged bAssets, while the user collects staking rewards from any of the unpledged collateral.

In fact, Anchor can even give the user the option to repay the outstanding balance using the bAssets that are not collateralized. I believe this can drive borrowing growth in the long-term, especially with the upcoming launches of Alice Finance, Outlet and Kado. Users are incentivized to hold their bAssets on Anchor because they earn staking rewards on the uncollateralized amount, and this creates an automatic on-ramp for these users to borrow on their bAssets, opening the way to “credit cards” on these stable wallets.

With the arrival of Prism protocol and refraction of Luna (and other assets), you could accomplish the above mentioned scenario by simply borrowing against yLuna, in addition to other collateral.

Borrow v2 should in theory allow for yLuna collaterals in the future.

But wouldn’t the rewards from all yLuna on Anchor go to Anchor and not the user, regardless of what portion is needed as collateral? I’m proposing allowing the user to split what amount is used as collateral and still claim rewards for the uncollateralized balance.