Can't get Anchor MoneyMarket Contract configuration in Bombay-11

Bombay-11 was launched yesterday, and I found a problem with the Bombay-11 TestNet.
When I tried to query for getting Anchor MoneyMarket Contract config, it returns 500 error.

MoneyMarket Contract Address in Bombay-11:
query: {"config": {}}

Expected result: Returns the Anchor MoneyMarket Contract configuration

Current status: It returns status code 500

I tried to query on Tequila-004 TestNet and Columbus-4 MainNet, and it worked well.
Also, this query was working well on the Bombay-10 TestNet, but doesn’t work after launched Bombay-11.
How can I solve this problem? Let me know your suggestion.

It was resolved on Sep 23th.
Anchor Protocol dev team launched anchor on bombay-11 today and this issue was resolved.
Thank you Anchor Protocol Team for a quick fix.