Anchor Earn Simple Tracker Android mobile app

Hi people,

I made a very simple Android app that can keep track of the balance deposited to Anchor Earn, if provided public wallet address.

Feel free to try it out, and if you do - let me know if there are any issues.

Some details:

  • All info is stored locally on the phone.
  • Only permission the app needs is access to the internet, to be able to fetch data from the blockchain from time to time.
  • Currently 3 languages are supported - English, Russian and Dutch.
  • No ads, the app is free.

Some screenshots:


Some people requested a way to estimate earnings based on custom deposit, so i added Estimator.
It shows expected earnings based on the specified potential deposit value.
There are 2 screens in the app now - one that shows actual balance and expected earnings of a wallet and one that shows estimated expected earnings for a custom deposit.

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