Alphaday - A Data Aggregator Tool as a Community Dashboard

Hello everyone,

I’d like to propose a grants application on behalf of Alphaday team.

Proposal Rationale

Alphaday builds crypto experience dashboards for enthusiasts, developers, and projects. Users can drag and drop from hundreds of services, news and social feeds, charts, and dapp functionality to create their daily workflows inside a single dashboard. This eliminates the need to have multiple browser tabs open to get different bits of information. i.e. imagine having token prices, gas prices, twitter feed, latest news headlines, TVL, and any other information any user could possibly want all within one single dashboard.

Information Link

Complete Proposal: Anchor Protocol Complete Grant Proposal - Google Docs

Note: Please do check our complete proposal as I only am allowed to post two links here.




52,000 ANC

Thank you in advance,