Why only UST/aUST?

Appreciate this is a little contentious but it’s becoming apparent that the USD is going to face some challenges over the coming years, it’s future as the worlds reserve currency could be in doubt.

This translates to yet more risk in what is already a high risk situation, earning 20% on a currency that will likely fall in value over the midterm isn’t really that useful. I feel like we have the chance to get ahead of it and modify Anchor to allow for deposits of other terra native currencies.

Is there a good reason why aren’t we able to buy and hold stablecoins pegged to other currencies? I notice that native swaps to other currencies are available in Terrastation, so I wonder why we don’t have contracts for GBP/aGBP or EUR/aEUR pairs?


A good question and i’ve pondered on it too. Best reason is that the US dollar is currently still the reserve currency of the world.

The decline of it’s neoliberal universality will probably end its ubiquity, including in decentralised finance.


There’s currently not enough liquidity even for EUT pairs. I support. But the ecosystem needs to grow first.

Vertex will provide this soon

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With an eut/aeut pairs and semi dynamic rates.

Yes, Vertex is here to solve this problem!