What gives ANC value?

As for now,

the only utility that makes ANC valuable is for voting porpuses. Thats it.

So, with that point of view, in the near future, when other crypto projects want to give extra utility to their token, they will see being accepted in Anchor as collateral so tokens remain blocked for months will be a great opportunity.

And then, in order to vote YES for approving their token as collateral, they will need to buy a lot of ANCs.

A clear example is BNB. In order to being admitted and listed in Binance, there has to be a Community vote. And thats the main reason BNB skyrocket.

So, if Anchor will be the biggest CRYPTO-BANK, why do we keep making proposals to airdrop even more ANCs?

And why don’t we make a change in tokenomics to remove or at least reduce them as incentive for borrowers? As you have seen, IT IS NOT WORKING.

Borrowers don’t want free tokens, they want better interest rates. Thats it.

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I Will rephrase this topic saying that:

As Binance became the biggest exchange, the voting power became more valuable.

Now, as Anchor is the biggest lending Protocol, with some issues fixed, will get bigger every day and the voting power for adding new tokens for collateral Will be the most important aspect for ANCs to Boost.