Swap price way below market

I just swapped Anchor for UST at the beginning of this dip.

I expected to swap (I don’t recall if I checked the price in Terra Station) at around $3.70 per ANC. Turns out is swapped at $3.05 per ANC.

…the thing is ANC — at the bottom of the dip — was at around $3.38. In other words, never came close to $3.05.

What happened?

Where did you swap ?
Station offers you slippage protection but not Terraswap

I cannot speak to what might have happened with your swap but I can confirm that if you use Terra Station to execute your swaps for, or between, LUNA / ANC / UST / MIR / KRT / etc. Terra Station will automatically default to the best route for your swap; Market or Terraswap – with full details on Price, Spread or Trading Fee. You can override the default route simply by clicking on the words “Market” or “Terraswap” on the right hand side to see the difference(s) in the two paths. AND… Even though slippage inside of Terra Station is historically tight I would strongly advise that you always click the gear icon next to “Swap coins” and select 0.5% prior to execution just to be sure you get your price.

IMPORTANT – regarding slippage – As far as I can tell you can only manually adjust slippage tolerance on the desktop app for Terra Station. I have yet to see where one could do this with the mobile TS app.

Was on Station mobile. The only option just now setting up a swap is Terraswap (there’s no market option)…and I believe that was the case for above swap.

No Market (Market module) for swaps involving anything other than Luna and/or Terra Stables