Safe Risk Ratio is still 0.8? Or 0.75 now?

The docs say partial liquidations reduce your borrowed amount to just under 80% of your borrow limit (Safe Risk Ratio of 0.8: Loan Liquidation - Anchor Protocol).

With the recent changes in the webapp UI that now show borrow % now instead of LTV, I notice that 75% is called out the “recommended” limit (below which the bar stays green). Will partial liquidations still bring borrowed amount to just under 80% of the borrow limit, or is 0.75 the new safe risk ratio for partial liquidations?

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The max borrow usage is now a measure of your LTV, meaning once you hit 100% you start getting liquidated. See below:

So once you hit 94.99% you are risking liquidation because the market can easily move you to max 100% borrow usage or 80% LTV. They are synonymous with bLUNA. It gets a bit complicated if you have both bETH and bLUNA since they are different LTVs, hence the borrow usage, not LTV metric.

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Right, I do understand that. My question is, when you hit 100%, how much of your collateral is liquidated? Reading the documentation I linked to, it would appear the answer is, “enough to bring borrow usage down to just under 80%”. I just wondered if the docs were out of date, since 75% is considered the recommended maximum in the UI.

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That all depends on how much you have and how much is needed to bring you back within the LTV…its very contextual.

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it’s still 80% in the liquidation context:

for the current config, you click on the “query” button, and type in


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Very cool, thank you for teaching me this.