Loan Liquidation

At what point and how does your loan get liquidated? For example, if I were to be able to borrow 100$ from ANC and set the TVL% at the assumed safe rate (35%). How would my collateral be liquidated if it crosses past the 35%? Would Anchor liquidate my entire collateral or would they take a portion of my collateral and sell it to put my loan back in the agreed percentage positioning?

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Your loan does not get liquidated until your LTV crosses 50%. The reason 35% is “safe” is that it gives you some wiggle room in case the price of your collateral drops (in which case your LTV will go up). If your collateral is <500UST, all of it will be liquidated when your loan goes past 50% LTV. If your collateral is >500UST, it will only be partially liquidated so that your loan goes back to 0.8 of your maximum borrowable amount (which is 40% LTV).

That’s what I got from reading the docs, please correct me if I am wrong.

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absolutely correct - it’s also worth noting that the borrow limit as shown in the UI is reflecting how far you are form the 50% LTV limit (i.e. you’re at 70% borrow limit would mean you’re at 35% LTV)

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