Repay Loan with aUST

would it be possible to make loans repayable with aUST? this would mostly just be for convenience. making it easier to pay back a loan without having to first withdraw the UST from anchor. Less steps = more convenient.


another thought is can you make the loan repayable with the collateral. in other words, instead of having to buy UST on the market or minting it, can I just give up (liquidate) a portion of my bLuna in order to pay back the loan


I like this idea quite a bit. Being able to just sell off a portion of your bLUNA as the value rises would make the system much more user friendly. Another option might be to sell your anchor rewards to cover the costs in one shot, so for example if you’ve borrowed $50 and you’re sitting on $50 in rewards, use the reward amount to zero out the loan balance.

On the dashboard, we would clearly display: “You’ve earned $50 in rewards and you currently owe $50 on your loan. Would you like to use your rewards to pay off your loan?”

I think that makes sense. It’s very similar to how some credit cards function by allowing you to use the reward incentives to pay down your balance.


I like this idea, too follow up on @Wolf comment above. Would be nice if we could tie multuple payback streems to our loan. for example we have $x in aUST and $x borrowed. We could simply use the interest earned to pay down the loan and potentially accelerate the paydown by tying the rewards earned from the borrow APR. this would help keep people in check from liquidation as well.

Love the system but the more hands off and automated it can become the easier it will be for people to use it.

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Hello, if I borrowed $30 against my collateral, in order to avoid liquidation, what if I repay $30 right after I borrowed $30? Do I continue receiving the yields from borrowing? Thank you!

What if there was an option to auto withdraw or use EARN funds like overdraft protection when facing liquidation. I currently keep a significant amount in BORROW but also a significant amount in EARN which I manually move to Repay when my LTV gets uncomfortably high, especially at bedtime. If I knew I was covered with “Overdraft protection” I would sleep much better. We could even charge a small execution fee for this service.

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Lol of course not. How would that even make sense? :sweat_smile: