Referral Rewards to increase adoption, distribution?

First comment, hope its’ relevant. Seems to me that Anchor (Terra too) would benefit from more robust PR and distribution/adoption. Kind of like how DeFi would benefit from lobbyists (kind of misses the point, but might prevent bigger headache later).

On some of the exchanges, I can send a friend a referral link and get rewards commensurate with their trading activity. This incentivizes users to refer and promote the platform/protocol, and their referrals to do the same.

Could a referral distribution model be implemented here? Kind of like an affiliate sales program - compensation made to person that referred the new account to Anchor.


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Fairly old topic, but I was wondering about this as well recently.
O don’t really know enough about the Terra network and how the contract works to give an opinion on this.
Even if the rewards weren’t huge, it is still a reason for someone to promote it and get what is really a good service/network in the hands of more people

If something like this were to happen, I pretty sure it would better to run it through Valkrie